This is the site for Erik Allen's programming projects.

  • iCartographer: A Mac application for generating random maps, or displaying real world data.
  • Campaign Manager: A method of keeping track of campaign information for a role playing game.


I am writing articles on development projects that I have done. They are listed here:


I like XSLT; the learning process was quite enjoyable. If you are also interested in learning, here are some recommendations:

  • The online ZVON tutorial. I found it quite helpful, as long as you take notes so you can spot the difference between xsl:apply-templates and xsl:call-template.
  • The book XSLT 2.0 Programmer's Reference was useful for me. It was a good reference after I had taken the online tutorial.
  • The XSL cheatsheet. This is the document I created when I was learning XSLT.
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